No-Dig Car Charging Point Installations

Quick, cost-effective car charging point installation using no-dig technology.

Controlled, Convenient and Consistent Installation

Whether it’s for a standalone offsite garage at your home or multiple car charging bays at your office, we can install cost-effective electric vehicle charging points quickly, thanks to our unique no-dig installation service.

Quick Installation

Thanks to our no-dig technology, we can install electric vehicle car charging stations without the need for concrete bases. This makes for a quick, cost-effective turnaround.

In-House Service

We don’t hire subcontractors to install electric vehicle charging points. All of the civils are carried out by a single team of specialist engineers.

OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme

Need support towards the up-front costs of electric vehicle chargepoints? Click here to find out about the OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme

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Generate clean solar power and promote emission-free mobility at the same time with the Smartflower POP-e

Smartflower POP-e combines the unique all-in-one solar system with a high-performance charging station for electric vehicles. Smartflower POP-e generates an average of approximately 40% more power than a roof-mounted system of a comparable size.

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