Car Charge Point Install, Westminster


Our objective was to make home charging possible despite there being a road and footpath between the residence and the parking bay, by drilling below the road to allow connection.

There was a lot to consider and plan for this location, including a license application to Westminster Council for permission to work in the highway, we also needed to get utilities plans and to conduct a radar scan so we would know what utilities we would need to avoid below the road. We worked with Pod Point on this particular installation and following our ducting from the property to the parking bay they were able to feed their cable through from the power in the property and pop a charging point on top of the post we installed.

Parking is ruthless in London so we also installed a sturdy retractable post to protect their bay and to prevent any cheeky EV drivers trying to use their charge point, Pod Point made sure it was lockable.

Mole Group’s works attracted a lot of interest from nearby residents so we hope to be back soon. One EV-owning neighbour remarked he’d noticed improvement in the air quality in London with the rise of electric cars and introduction of Low Emission Zones. And that’s exactly why we want to help.