Electric Vehicle Charging for Terraced Households

The problem?

43% of UK households do not have access to off-street parking and are subsequently restricted in their ability to charge an EV.

Existing charging facilities for households that do not possess off-street parking are:

  • Expensive – it can be up to 5x more expensive to charge at a third-party charging facility rather than at home.
  • Impractical – usually found in centralised locations such as shopping centres and service stations which can be several miles away from the average household. Queues often entail and the user must wait for long periods for the EV to recharge.
  • Ill-favoured – large, free-standing charging stations can jar existing street scenes with their loose cables and flashy design.
  • Obtrusive – standard charging stations can take up precious space and can reduce accessibility for pedestrians and vehicles.

Please play to illustrate robust, tech-free kerb side charging


Electric Vehicle Charge Channel (EVCC).Our patent-pending solution allows households without access to adequate off-street parking to cheaply and conveniently charge their EV right outside their home.

EVCC is submerged below the surface of the pavement, providing a safe route for an EV charging cable to run from house to roadside whilst being camouflaged within existing street settings.

Uptake of EVs continues to increase rapidly. By 2030, they are likely to be the norm. This means that homes with EV charging will become far more appealing and a worthwhile property value investment now.

Working in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Salford to bring EVCC to market and make EV ownership accessible to the masses.