About Green Mole

Since the 1980’s our parent company has been promoting an environmentally friendly approach to civil engineering, through the underground installation of crucial pipes, ducts and cables with minimum impact to the surface environment. However, since then the need for sustainable development has grown – and so has our response, which is why more recently we’ve decided to expand our environmental efforts to develop a new branch of the company.

Green Mole is the specialist energy efficiency division of Mole Group Utilities Ltd., a Wirral-based drilling, moling and environmental engineering company.

We’re committed to creating a sustainable domestic environment, improving infrastructure for a cleaner way of life for home and business, encouraging a reliance on renewable forms of energy generation whilst helping other companies demonstrate that sustainability matters to them.

We believe the products and services we offer reflect these values, whether you want to live more efficiently and save gas, time, and money with our award-winning combi-save valve, charge an Electric vehicle or live using electricity generated through Smartflower Solar.

We operate nationwide from our headquarters in Wirral, so if you’d like a chat about what we can do for your home or business please get in touch.


We can help you save up to 20% on electricity...


... and up to 25% on water!