Green Mole – bringing the world’s first all-in-one solar system to the UK and Ireland. A unique, versatile alternative to rooftop installations, the Smartflower can provide up to 40% more output than traditional panels.

All-in-one solar solution without complex installation (plug and play).

Thanks to smart tracking, the Smartflower folds out automatically every morning and tracks the sun during the day with its 2-axis controller.


Smartflower has a considerably longer peak phase than a rooftop solar system and produces energy even in the fringe hours of the day.


Efficient power generation: up to 40% more yield thanks to smart tracking, with needs-based precision whenever you require electricity.

Smart cooling and smart cleaning prevent the usual losses caused by heat and dirt accumulation by up to 15%.

Trenchless installation (where possible), so Smartflower can be installed quickly, easily and with little disruption.

Prices start from £31,950

Remarkable, powerful & efficient

Up to 40% more output, thanks to smart, innovative features


The Smartflower is the standard version of the groundbreaking Smartflower range, featuring plug-and-play solar power generation delivering 40% more output than traditional solutions. Download the Smartflower brochure

SmartFlower and Electric vehicles

If you currently own or have plans to own an electric vehicle, the Smartflower has the capacity to deliver 20,000 clean miles a year. Get in touch to see how Green Mole can help you drive using energy from the sun. 

Customisable to match your branding

Each Smartflower is available in a range of colours and can be customised to match company branding with a prominent logo. They are a highly visible way of advertising your company’s commitment to sustainability whilst boasting exceptional levels of efficiency.

Supplied and installed by a single team of specialist engineers

Green Mole are the energy efficiency division of Mole Group Utilities Ltd., supplying Smartflower and other energy products and providing cable installations for solar and wind farms and car-charging points. Our Smartflower installations are carried out by our in-house specialist drilling engineers, who will, where possible, lay all of the cabling to the Smartflower trenchlessly, using horizontal directional drilling or moling as appropriate – see Mole Utilities for more about our capabilities and expertise.

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