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Soon terraced properties will be able to benefit from electric cars too.

Car Charging Points for Terraced Houses

If you are one of the millions of people in the UK who live in a terraced house, you know that it’s difficult to take advantage of the benefits of owning an electric car because if you don’t have off-road parking you won’t be able to buy one. That is all about to change as Mole Group launch our amazing system to install car charging points for terraced houses.


Innovative system to allow car charging outside terraced houses.


Simple, elegant solution to a major problem in many of the UK’s towns and cities.


Robust & Secure


Now accepting expressions of interest

Supplied and installed by a single team of specialist engineers

Green Mole are the energy efficiency division of Mole Group, supplying smartflower and other energy products and providing cable installations for solar and wind farms and car-charging points. Our installations are carried out by our in-house specialist drilling engineers, who will, where possible, lay all cabling trenchlessly, using horizontal directional drilling or moling as appropriate – see for more about our capabilities and expertise.

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