Towards an Energy Neutral Office with Smartflower

by Jul 25, 2019Smartflower

As part of their drive to achieve an energy neutral office, world-leading global oil and gas well engineering consultancy Merlin ERD has installed the UK’s latest Smartflower at their HQ in Perth, Scotland.

Merlin’s customers, suppliers and other visitors can’t miss this commitment to improve the company’s energy footprint as the impressive 15ft solar panel greets them as they arrive at Merlin House. The Smartflower opens each morning and rotates to follow the sun, maximising its solar absorption and offsetting electricity generation during working hours and topping up the national grid out of hours. Merlin Chairman Iain Hutchison explained that Smartflower was a natural fit for their energy efficiency programme.

“The expectation is that those involved in oil and gas shy away from renewable power when the reality is quite the opposite; all of us have a part to play in the move towards sustainable energy and we are pleased to play our part reducing our carbon footprint here in Perth,” he said.

“This Green Mole 2.5kw SmartFlower system allows us to generate 40 per cent more useable power compared to a typical domestic fixed system,” added Iain. “With no CO2 output, it plays a large part in power generation for Merlin and helps us improve our green credentials here in Perth.”

Merlin’s Smartflower is just the second to be installed in Scotland, and the first commercial installation carried in the country – the other being a residential installation near Glasgow – and is one of more than 1,400 units in operation throughout Europe.

“It’s great to be able to focus on – and invest in – technological advances in sustainable energy which have value both in monetary terms to the investor and in environmental terms to the country.” said Iain.

“The Merlin SmartFlower is the latest testament to our commitment to sustainable energy generation and environmental engagement.”

David Furlong from SmartFlower UK praised Merlin for their commitment to being environmentally friendly, saying that “Green Mole are extremely pleased to have helped Merlin ERD – twice recipients of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise – with their drive towards an energy-neutral office. We encourage all companies, regardless of their sector, to take a leaf (or even a whole flower) out of Merlin’s book and revisit their energy strategy.”

Merlin founder and Executive Chairman Iain Hutchison harnesses “flower power” to drive the Perth headquarters at Merlin House.

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