Denbighshire’s Highways and Environmental team contacted us as they installed a charging point at their Rhyl offices for their growing fleet of electric vans and needed safe method of charging with no trip hazards. They had heard of EVCC and hoped this would be the answer.

A quick remote survey showed that EVCC would provide the perfect solution here for charging with no trailing cables or obstructions.
After using a cable avoidance tool (CAT) to scan the pavement, our team neatly cut a shallow excavation in the pavement ready to lay the EVCC apparatus. While is unlikely that services will be lying so close to the footpath surface, we always make sure to check.

EVCC has an inset lid to match surround in order to blend with the area rather than stand out or obstruct as with some alternatives. There is no complicated tech or card system for the user to connect with, so it is simple to plug in and charge, feedback from van drivers has been excellent.

It has been great to work with a forward-thinking council who have cracked on with taking positive action to reduce emissions and lead by example on EV uptake!